What We Do

Hunfeld Custom Builders is dedicated to collaborating with clients in the creation of high quality custom homes.

In our lives we strive for balance. The same should be true of our homes. This is why Hunfeld Industries strives to harmonize the various requirements of each individual home with those of its inhabitants. Whether you have an existing plan or a folder full of ideas give me, Sander Hunfeld, a call and I will personally sit down with you. Together, we can plan the best course of action to turn your ideas into reality.

The balance we help build in each of our clients’ living spaces extends to the local environments which sustain them. Through the recommendation of energy efficient systems, environmentally friendly building materials and local purchasing, we ensure that each building feels at home in its surroundings.

The world of home construction and design is constantly changing as more efficient systems and approaches to style and comfort are created. We take great pride in employing and creatively adjusting the latest developments while still retaining the timelessness only skilled, time-honoured craftsmanship can provide.


With thoughtful design and superior craftsmanship, the Hunfeld team seamlessly melds functional with artful, comfortable with soothing and dynamic with dramatic.

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Custom Home Building

Unique • Whether you are starting with a vacant lot or renovating an existing house, your Hunfeld home will be built to suit your unique lifestyle and preferences. By making your home an extension of your personality, we help create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for you, your family and your guests.

Sensible • Through open communication and the creative exploration of options and ideas, we can unite your dreams and your budget.

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Our homes are not built by Hunfeld Industries, they are built by the relationships we share with our clients.

We believe that we can only know how to build a home if we first understand how our clients hope to experience it. Because of this, each home is a unique extension of its inhabitants’ identities.

At Hunfeld Industries we take pride in the fact that each of our homes is characterized by its owners and we celebrate the fact that no two homes are like.

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