Project management to bring land to a usable/marketable state.

Land Development

At HunFeld Custom Builders, we work closely with local, provincial, and federal governments to bring building sites to market.

By offering a wide range of comprehensive land development services—including project management services in which we will look at a project to determine what the best use of the land is—we can perform a complete land development project in-house from start to finish. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our land development services.

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Figuring Out the Best Use for the Land

In order to determine the best use for a piece of land, we will perform an investigation with the local, provincial, and federal governments. This investigation will help us determine what is visible on the property, including a wide range of factors such as environmental, geohazards, and the financial visibility of the project.

Rezoning Applications

If you are looking to rezone a piece of land, we can help. We can manage your rezoning application from start to finish, from filling out an application at the local municipality and at the provincial level to working with all civil, environmental, geotechnical, and structural engineers to bringing the project through to construction and build out.

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Board of Variance Applications

At HunFeld Custom Builders, we know that board of variance applications can be quite time consuming. That is why we will handle every step of the application process for you, from investigating to see if a favourable outcome is likely and preparing all of the documents and drawings necessary for the application to dealing with all the committee questions and meetings until a decision has been made.

Civil Design

Our dedicated team of custom builders strives to provide the best civil design services possible. That is why we work closely with civil engineers throughout the entire process to make sure that even the smallest details are not overlooked.


We understand how important it is to consider a wide range of environmental factors when working on any type of land development project. By working closely with environmental engineers, we can ensure that each project is completed to the highest industry standards.

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